Washing machine, dishwasher, Electric oven and hob, electric cooker, tumble dryer repair Preston.

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Please make sure that the work area is cleaned before the engineer calls. 

Once the engineer enters the house explain the fault and then let the engineer work alone in the room where the appliance is sited.  If he needs assistance he will let you know.
Please maintain 2m distance at all times.
Thank you for your co-operation in these strange times.



78 Margaret Rd









Please call  on


07736 656069



9am -6pm


 Please do not text or make requests for call backs as they will be ignored.

Tony Cornwell Domestic Appliance Repairs
Tony Cornwell Domestic Appliance Repairs

Washing machine, dishwasher, oven, tumble dryer repairs, Preston.

What do you look for when you book repairs to your washing machine, dishwasher, tumble dryer or cooker in the Preston, PR postcode area? Hopefully someone who is not going to do un-necessary work, someone who won't cost the earth and will arrive when they say.


Someone who is.........






and most of all........reliable!!



You've found him!!!! Tony Cornwell has been working in the Preston area since 1998. Originally as Ace Repairs.


Coins in the pump can cause havoc

Go the smart way...get your appliances repaired rather than wasting time, money and all our resources on buying a cheap new one.


Did you know:


Many appliances cost less than £50 to repair.


A set of worn motor brushes on many modern machines will render the machine unoperable...leading most people to think it's an expensive repair. Replacing the worn brushes on average will cost £60/£75.


A loose sock can stop the machine working.


Even if I arrive and diagnose an uneconomical to repair fault, you will only be charged 1/2 the labour charge......that's peace of mind knowing that you aren't throwing away an appliance that can be fixed cheaply.


So for Washing machine, dishwasher, oven, tumble dryer repairs in the Preston/ Penwortham/ Longton area call me on 07736 656069

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